Saturday, December 26, 2009

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:Several Things to Know bout Me!!!!

  • nik mohamad syazne nik ezanee,my full name,combination of my abah's name,nik ezanee nek anom(slalu jd mslh name atok aq nie..) and my mama's,sharidah shariff(name n ejaan sbijik mcm name mak marini khalid,blog die, c.e.r.i.t.a a.q..).got mixed of pakistani at my abah side n mixed of european at mt mama side..

  • born at july 25th,1992(same ngan faten hakim,yayat,fadzilah(kwn skolah rendah)n....sape lg ntah..)at lumut district hospital(i have no idea what has or had happened to dat hospital..)

  • at first,i stayed at block A2,naval residential of lumut naval base,then when i was 4,i moved to taman sri selamat,sitiawan until i was 15,at last,i moved to kpg tersusun,batu 7 lekir in same neighbourhood of hadzrin n suprisingly,ihsan...

  • i am one of the thousands ex-smestian(sekolah menengah sains teluk intan..).this is my schooling phase history-at first,tabika kemas batu 10.then,batu 10 primary school until standard 2,st francis primary school till standard 3 n i finished my primary school at gugusan lekir primary school..and..i was offered 2 continue me secondary school study at semesti!!!!i successfully ended my study there!!Alhamdulillah..

  • then..what else??

  • i love to make friend,i love my FRIENDS ,i love people around me,i dont discriminate people but sumtyme love to teasing,i love my family!!i love every single one who ever taught me whenever,wherever i was,i love people who always supporting me,i love people who love me,i love people who treat me nicely!!i love to eat!i do really appriciate every good deed given 2 me . the most important is..I LOVE ALLAH,RASULULLAH,HIS SAHABAT,WIVES, CHILDREN AND EVERYONE WHO IS JIHAD ON SIRATHAL MUSTAQIM LILLAH HITA'ALA..

  • thats all about me,,briefly..kinda..hehe..

  • nice to know u..keep following my blog sure there will be a satisfaction in it..i try my best 2 create it as good as possible k..assalamualaikum..

~2246,november 26th,2009,sein ngan nana bru menang sehati berdansa musim ke-3,tahniah..arini jgk accident ngeri involving bus kt highway plus,perak,al-fatihah 2 all the victims..

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